Sometimes things go wrong, but it's usually easy to fix. Try some of these steps and see if you can get back into your account.

Your card may not have enough funds.
You need enough funds in your account for the cost of your monthly subscription – even if you are just signing up for the free trial. Add more funds or try a different card.

The address your bank has on file doesn't match the one we have.
our payment card must match the one in your Victory OnDemand profile, so we can verify your location and identity. Visit your account at to update it.

Your card may not be enabled for online transactions.
Contact your bank and ask if they have declined card-not-present transactions. We process your subscription as Victory 91.5.

Your card may be expired or cancelled.
Contact your bank for further details or to request a new card. Then, update your card details at If you have checked all the above and still can’t use your card to pay, please contact your bank. They can provide further help to get you up and running. Your bank’s phone number is usually provided on the back of the card you’re trying to use.

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